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Warning Signs That Divorce Could be on the Horizon


Did you know that there are signs you can be on the lookout for regarding divorce? It’s not hard to notice that your marriage isn’t as strong as it once was. Whether you come to the realization on your own or your spouse starts hinting at divorce, you need to be on the lookout for various signs of divorce. So, what are these warning signs? Let’s review a few of them in today’s post so you know what is going wrong in your marriage.

Intimacy is Missing 

The minute you notice intimacy is missing from your marriage you should begin trying to rectify the problem. Either work with your spouse to heal the marriage or start readying yourself for divorce. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship no matter how long you’ve been with the other person. Intimacy is a two-pronged issue. There’s emotional intimacy and physical intimacy. You need both of these intimacy types in your marriage for it to remain strong.

Working Late to Avoid Going Home 

If you have begun working late to avoid going home, divorce could be the next step in your relationship. When you do anything possible to avoid going home it is a major sign that there are problems in the marriage. The same can be said if your spouse suddenly starts working late or spends more time with friends than with you. Avoiding going home until your spouse is asleep will only prolong a fight or other issues.

Pointing the Finger of Blame 

Pointing the finger of blame on your spouse is never good for a relationship. Whether it’s arguing over who left the dishes in the sink, whose turn it is to clean the bathrooms, or who is supposed to take the trash out or any other chore, putting blame on your spouse is never a good thing. When the blame game happens more often than not, your relationship could very well be beyond repair.

Viewpoint on Future Has Changed 

When the viewpoint on the future has changed, whether it is your view or your spouse’s view, this could be a sign that divorce is in your future. For example, maybe you no longer want to have children and your spouse does. Maybe your spouse doesn’t see still being married 10 years down the road. These are big changes in your view of the future.

Repetitive Arguments 

Do you have the same arguments over and over again? This is a big sign that your marriage is failing. Why? Arguing over the same thing will get you nowhere. It’s not uncommon for couples to have the same argument more than once in their marriage, but having the same argument multiple times per month is a recipe for disaster. Name calling, dirty fighting, violence or refusing to discuss the problem with your spouse are all signs indicative of divorce.

Have you noticed any of these warning signs in your marriage recently? If counseling and other efforts have not improved your relationship, it is time to contact the experienced Mississauga legal team at Zagazeta Garcia LLP to discuss your situation and prepare for divorce.

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