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Mississauga Family-Based Immigration Lawyer

Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers LLP helps reunite families in Canada and provide other family-based immigration services for individuals and families in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Toronto and the GTA surrounding area. Call our office for a free, confidential consultation regarding how we can help you with family class sponsorships, work permits or express entry.

Reuniting Families through Family Class Sponsorships

Canadian immigration law allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor members of the family class for a permanent resident visa in Canada. Members of the family class can include any of the following:

  • The sponsor’s spouse or common-law partner and dependent children
  • The sponsor’s parents and grandparents
  • The sponsor’s adopted children

Sponsors must meet the following criteria to be eligible to sponsor a family member for permanent residence:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Over 18 years old
  • Not subject to removal
  • Not detained in prison
  • Not in default of a previous sponsorship undertaking or court-ordered payment obligation
  • Not subject to a bankruptcy
  • Not receiving social assistance for a reason other than disability
  • No conviction of a sex offence or bodily harm of a family member
  • In most cases, the sponsor must be residing in Canada

Sponsorship requires a financial evaluation and signing a sponsorship agreement, by which the sponsor agrees to support the sponsored family member financially if the sponsored family member cannot support himself or herself. This agreement may be binding for anywhere from three to 20 years, depending upon the relationship between sponsor and sponsored.

Call Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers in Mississauga at 905-232-0398, or contact us online for advice and assistance with a family class sponsorship.

Work permits

Let us help you obtain or extend or extend your work permit. Our Canadian immigration services help information technology workers, software developers and their employers with the many different aspects of obtaining temporary work permits, including:

Labour Market Impact Assessment – A positive LMIA is usually a prerequisite to hiring a temporary foreign worker. This requires demonstrating your efforts to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; showing that the job exceeds prevailing wages and working conditions; and demonstrating the potential benefits to the Canadian labour market.

NAFTA – No LMIA is required to bring in a citizen of USA or Mexico for a temporary job or contract in a qualifying profession or occupation. NAFTA work permit applications must be filed correctly and supported with appropriate documentation to be successful. Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers can help you prepare a complete and correct application.

Intra-Company Transfers – Strict requirements must be followed in order for an international company to transfer workers from its overseas operations to Canada. Qualifying workers must have worked for the employer full-time for at least one year, and they must possess specialized or advanced knowledge in their field as well as proprietary knowledge of the company. Call our office for assistance lining up a successful intra-company transfer.

Express Entry

Express entry offers a way for skilled workers to become permanent residents. Applicants are scored, and the highest ranking applicants may be invited to apply for permanent residence. Factors which impact a score include the applicant’s skills, education, language ability, work experience and more. Possession of Canadian degrees and/or a valid job offer can also improve the likelihood of express entry, as well as having family living in Canada.

Experienced Mississauga Family Immigration Lawyers

For help with temporary residence or permanent residence through family class sponsorships, work permits, express entry or other means, contact the Canadian immigration lawyers at Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers LLP for a free consultation, in Mississauga at 905-232-0398.

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