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Three Ways Using Technology Can Help Your Co-Parenting Situation


Co-parenting might not always be easy, but it is usually the best solution for children who are growing up with parents who live in different homes. As of 2016, almost 20 percent of Canadian children were growing up in a household with one primary parent. Even if your child doesn’t live with you most of the time, learning to navigate successfully through co-parenting challenges can not only help your kids adjust to the new family arrangement, but can also help you build a more respectful and stable relationship with your ex than you ever imagined was possible. Technology can be one of the best ways for you to move things forward.

Providing Updates Through Texts Builds Trust

Using technology to provide updates to the other parent can help him or her feel comfortable that you are making choices according to your parenting plan and in the best interest of your children during the time they share with you. More than 33 million Canadians have a smartphone these days, and you should use yours to capture and forward pictures of important moments. Even if you don’t trust yourself to have a full-blown phone conversation with your ex, you can keep them informed of any important information through text. The other parent will appreciate that you’re keeping them informed and they might even start returning the favor.

Using Video Chat Keeps Everyone Connected 

Kids want to keep in touch with both parents no matter whose house they happen to be sleeping at. Video chat enables your child and their other parent to maintain their connection, even if they just chat to say good night. In addition, allowing your ex to see that your child is happy and healthy in your care can only help things progress in your favor.

Apps Make Things Simpler

While you may not have thought about using them for this purpose, phone apps can actually be one of the most effective ways for co-parents to communicate with each other in a non-confrontational way since they eliminate the possibility of tensions arising face-to-face. From managing financial obligations for the kids to keeping up with their schedules and extra curricular activities, apps can help simplify co-parenting. In addition to enabling co-parents to stay in touch about important information, data from apps can also be easily shared with your legal team or other relevant third parties as needed.

We Support You in Your Child Custody Journey

Unfortunately, all of the co-parenting tips in the world can’t overcome a situation where the other parent is being difficult or combative. Whether you are having to figure things out for the first time or are hoping for a better plan to smooth out the kinks in an existing co-parenting agreement, the help of a team of family law professionals who you can depend on can be invaluable any time you are trying to put a structure in place. As the experienced Mississauga child custody lawyers at Zagazeta Garcia LLP, you can rely on our compassionate assistance as you plan for a future that keeps your children as the priority that they are. Contact us today so we can begin helping you move toward an effective co-parenting agreement.



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