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The Impact Of The Pandemic Immigration Backlog


One of the lingering consequences of the extended government shutdowns since early last year is that Canada is facing a staggering immigration backlog. As of July of this year, the backlog of permanent residence applications, for example, had increased by an astounding 70 percent since February of 2020. As the country continues to reopen, many people who are currently stuck somewhere in the Canadian immigration process are hopeful about being able to obtain the immigration status they desire. While many immigration offices remain closed to in-person services, limited services are resuming at others which brings up a relevant question for any aspiring Canadian immigrant – just when are immigration delays going to be over?

The Effects of the Recent Immigration Backlog

The COVID-19 pandemic and the related shutdowns since March of 2020 have impacted the lives of many Canadian hopefuls. Many people have found themselves in a position where they have reached out to an immigration office only to be turned away, have their questions unanswered, or be told to wait for a response that simply doesn’t seem to be coming. Interviews are being canceled or rescheduled. Families remain separated in different parts of the world and those hoping to immigrate for economic benefits haven’t been able to as the immigration system is backlogged across the board. At this point, many people are understandably concerned.

When Will the Canadian Immigration Process be Back to Normal? 

Unfortunately, this is a question that no one can definitively answer but some reasonable speculation can be made. Life is finally returning to some semblance of normality with local restaurants, stores and schools continuing to reopen. The Canadian border recently began welcoming vaccinated Americans and indeed, many Canadians have already been vaccinated with more and more vaccines being administered around the globe and throughout our country every day. However, a backlog cannot be wiped out overnight. It will likely take several months or even a year or so before things are moving at the pace that they were pre-pandemic. And this is unfortunately without factoring in any additional shutdowns that could come in the future if virus transmission numbers increase due to the ever-changing COVID variants.

How Legal Assistance Can Help With Your Immigration Plans 

Though legal practitioners have no influence over when offices reopen and the resumption of routine visa services, the right one can help you successfully adapt to these ever-changing circumstances. With so many potentially stressful aspects of immigrating with the current state of the world, one of the best things you can do for yourself when you are navigating the immigration process is obtain the help of a legal team that will fight for your interests and help you obtain your desired immigration status. As the experienced Mississauga Canadian immigration lawyers at Zagazeta Garcia LLP, we know the Canadian immigration system well and we have a passion for helping those who are hoping to find a place in our society figure out their best pathway for fulfilling their goals. We are committed to offering outstanding representation to each person who entrusts us to help and we will zealously advocate for you. Contact us today to begin with a confidential appointment.




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