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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce


Divorce is a difficult enough subject to talk about with your spouse. It becomes even more difficult when there are children in the relationship. You likely aren’t sure how your children will respond to the news that you are getting divorced and this can cause a lot of stress and worry, making the situation even worse. As you prepare for divorce it is important to have an open, honest conversation with your children about what’s to come. Follow the tips outlined in today’s post so you know how to talk to your children about divorce.

Have a Private Discussion 

One of the most important tips you can follow is having a private discussion with your children. By private we mean in your own home, as an immediate family, with no one else present. The neighbors shouldn’t be there and no other family members should be there. It should only be you, your spouse, and your children when you break the news to them about the divorce.

When having the discussion with your children it has to happen when everyone is available and doesn’t have to run out of the house to get to work, school, or an activity. You need to make time for your children and all the questions they will have once you tell them that divorce is on the way in the family.

Simple, Clear Message 

The message you relay to your children needs to be simple and clear. All you need to tell them is that you are getting divorced, the living arrangements will change, and that the parents cannot live together any longer. The message needs to ensure that the children do not feel like they need to fix things in the marriage or that they are the reason for the divorce. Both parents need to explain the situation together, with a unified front, and without placing blame on each other.

Expect Different Reactions 

Make sure you expect different reactions from your children. No two children have the same personalities, which means they will all react differently to the news that their parents are getting a divorce. Be prepared for silence, crying, anger, resentment and many other emotions from your children.

Prepare for Questions 

Your children will likely ask a lot of questions once told that you are getting a divorce. Do not dismiss questions from your children or tell them you will talk about it later. They want to talk about it now. Appease them and answer their questions now. If there are questions that you cannot legitimately answer right then and there, tell the children you will find an answer for them and have follow up conversations with them to help them move forward.

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