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Canada Immigration Laws On Extensions And Change Of Conditions


When you enter Canada as a visitor, student, or worker, you are given temporary resident status that allows you to remain in the country legally for a designated amount of time. The memorialization of your status is the stamp that immigration officials applied upon your arrival. The date included with the stamp is an important one, since it tells you how long you can stay in Canada. Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, it is illegal to remain in the country beyond the validity of your status. You are also prohibited from working or studying, depending on your reasons for coming to Canada.

However, these same immigration rules also provide for a process by which you can change conditions, extend your stay, or remain a student, visitor or worker in Canada. With something so important as immigration laws, it is critical to retain a Mississauga Canadian immigration lawyer for help with the process. A few important points about extensions are also useful.

Temporary Resident Status 

All individuals who enter Canada and are NOT citizens or permanent residents are automatically given temporary resident status as a visitor, student, or worker. The default rule is that you can remain for up to six months on this status, as measured by your passport stamp. There may be a different expiration date, which is marked on the document, if you received a:

  • Visitor record;
  • Study permit; or,
  • Work permit. 

Eligibility for Extensions and Change of Conditions

 For those with a valid temporary resident status, you can apply for an extension to stay. It is important to initiate the process at least 30 days before your status expires, since the application process takes time.

If you have stayed beyond the expiration of your status, you cannot apply for an extension. There are other options, and it is critical to pursue them right away. If you remain, or you fail to comply with the conditions of your work or study permit, you are subject to removal from Canadian immigration officials.

 Response from Canada Immigration Officials 

Upon receipt and review of your application, immigration authorities will respond by:

  • Issuing you a new visitor record, work or study permit, with extended expiration dates;
  • A letter denying your application; or,
  • A letter stating that your application has been referred for additional review by immigration.

The visitor, work, or study status you held before applying will remain under the same conditions until you hear from Canada immigration. This is why it is important to submit a complete application; if there are omissions, your status could expire because officials consider it not being received.

Count on a Mississauga, ON Canadian Immigration Lawyer for Assistance

These are just a few of the things you need to know about change of condition and extensions, so trust Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers LLP to handle the details. To learn more, please call 905-232-0398 or go online to schedule a free consultation. Our officer serves Mississauga, Brampton and the Peel Region, and we are ready to support your needs.



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