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3 Reasons Why Canada Needs Immigrants – Yes, Even in a Pandemic


The global COVID-19 pandemic that we have all been dealing with for the last year has undoubtedly impacted many lives both here in Canada and throughout the world. One thing that has been affected is the lives of people who were in the process of immigrating to Canada. Whether starting the process from scratch while in another country or trying to gain legal immigration status while already here, COVID has clearly slowed things down. In fact, statistics indicate that immigration to Canada dropped significantly last year in 2020 compared to what it had been the previous year as the country closed the border early on in the year to try to control the spread of the virus. However, this doesn’t change the fact that simply put, Canada needs legal immigrants. Let’s discuss three reasons why this is the case.

The Low Birth Rate

The reality is that Canadians simply aren’t having babies as quickly as we need to be in order to continue at the same rate of population. When combined with a workforce that is largely aging, it begins to make sense that further worker shortages are projected in multiple areas in the near future. According to one study released by the government, even the northern part of highly populated Ontario (in relation to the rest of Canada), as populated as it is, will need to attract approximately 8,100 additional people every year for the next two decades in order to maintain a healthy workforce.

Gaps in the Workforce

While bigger gaps are likely coming as discussed above, gaps already exist in the labour market. Immigration is one of the most efficient ways to help decrease labour shortages and increase the productivity that every Canadian business needs to be successful. And in addition to the fact that immigrants are an essential component to maintaining a workforce throughout the pandemic, immigrants will also be essential to our recovery after it ends.

Diversity and New Perspective 

If we’re being honest, many people who were born here in Canada would probably admit to themselves that from time to time they forget about many of the benefits of living here as they seem so mundane in the scope of day-to-day life. However, the immigrants who put in great effort to become hard-working members of Canadian society often bring a renewed passion to adding to the progress of their new home. This passion can lead to many actions that help advance Canadian development and increase economic growth.

We Can Help You Navigate Through the Immigration Process  

Anyone who is seeking to join the Canadian population likely knows already that things aren’t always simple when it comes to the immigration process. Whether you are a foreign investor, an international student, or even have a loved one in Canada you are seeking to reunite with, you need the help of a legal team that can help you obtain the temporary or permanent legal status you need. As the knowledgeable and helpful Mississauga Canadian immigration lawyers at Zagazeta Garcia LLP, you can depend on us to guide you throughout the process of immigrating to Canada regardless of whether you know exactly what you are aiming for or are just beginning the relocation process. Contact us today to begin.



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