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What Does An Ontario Family Lawyer Do?


The concept of family covers your most personal, intimate relationships, so you would probably not be surprised to learn that Canadian family law is extremely broad and detailed. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, family law covers relationships between spouses, so marriage and divorce are key topics; it also applies to parental rights and responsibilities regarding children. With such extensive reach, it is likely that you will face a family law matter of some sort during your lifetime.

When that time comes, many people are surprised to learn that these cases are quite complicated. Not only are there separate statutes at the provisional and national level, but emotion can play a significant role in family law dynamics. It is smart to retain an Ontario family lawyer for assistance, so you should first understand just what these professionals do for families. 

Types of Family Law Cases 

On a regular basis, a family law firm and its lawyers handle:

Divorce: When the marital relationship breaks down, the parties must go through the legal process to dissolve the marriage and address their respective interests. Property division laws aim at an equitable distribution of all marital property acquired and debts incurred after the wedding. Spousal support is another key issue in divorce, and it may be awarded when necessary to balance the financial interests of the parties. 

Issues Regarding Minor Children: Parents have rights and responsibilities related to children regardless of the relationship between them. Custody and access covers parental decision-making and what people know familiarly as “visitation.” Child support is paid by the nonresidential parent. 

Marriage Contracts: Family laws in Canada allow couples to enter into an agreement before getting married, which establishes their respective rights and interests if they divorce in the future. Cohabitation contracts are a wise strategy for unmarried couples and those living in common law relationships. 

Other Family Law Topics: Family lawyers also deal with such issues as: 

  • Same-sex marriage, divorce, and cohabitation;
  • Adoption;
  • Paternity;
  • Enforcement and modifications of family law court orders;
  • Domestic violence restraining orders; and
  • Many more. 

Tasks You Can Entrust to a Family Lawyer 

Now that you know what legal areas a family law professional covers, you should be aware of how a lawyer can support your needs. Agreements play a central role in these matters, so your counsel can assist with assessing goals, negotiating terms, and preparing essential documentation.

When the parties cannot agree on a family law issue, a court will decide after conducting a hearing. The proceedings are similar to a trial, so having a family lawyer at your side is the best way to protect your interests. 

Get Additional Details from a Mississauga, ON Family Lawyer

Now that you know what an Ontario family lawyer does, you realize the importance of entrusting your case to a legal professional. For more information on how our team at Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers LLP can serve your needs, please call 905-232-0398 or visit us online to set up a no-cost consultation. Our firm represents families in Mississauga, Brampton, and the Peel Region, so we are ready to assist with your case.

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